Family Walks

The Family Routes are itineraries proposed by the guides in order to join the family through a walking tour in a closer contact between its members and nature.

They are easy, require little physical effort, have little incline and acceptable distances.

They are courses adapted to all members, parents, children, grandparents and grandchildren.

Photographic Walks

The vast knowledge of the territory allows us to take the most daring of the world of photography to conditioned access places, to get the most incredible photos of mountains, nature, animal life, and other fascinating themes.

Night Walks

These routes start late at night and lead participants to trek down the mountain at dawn, away from the noise and light of the urban centers.

The night sharpens the senses, through which the sensations and emotions felt during these itineraries are much more intense than doing the same itinerary in the normal period of the day.

The spirit of discovery and adventure is very present in this type of routes that constitute a unique challenge and not to lose for those who like strong emotions.

Mountain Crossings

The Alto Minho is constituted by a mountainous territory whose relief attracts fans of trekking and mountaineering.

The itineraries allow you to visit the most unique mountain ranges of the Alto Minho, such as the Serra d’ Arga, the Serras da Peneda and Soajo, the Serra Amarela, and even enter and go through the Serra do Gerês to Pitões das Júnias.

We offer a route in which we take the visitor around the Alto Minho, going through all the classified and protected space - it is well worth trying!

Bicycle Tours

In the Alto Minho we have several infrastructures prepared for excellent cycling tours with magnificent landscapes.

We have experienced monitors and guides in this area, all with first aid training.

Boat Trips in the Rio Minho

A river with sandy islands in the silence of the wild nature.

Along this magnificent promenade, at the middle of the estuary, you will be surprised by islands and sandy beaches where you can enjoy a dip into the comforting crystalline waters.

Get to know magical places with abundant vegetation, where birds have their natural habitat, as it is the case of the huge Heron, or the colorful Guarda-Rios.

River Paddle

Authentic sensation of freedom in walking on water.

Explore the beautiful River Minho or the River Coura from the unique perspective of a stand-up paddle and discover places you would never see on a boat tour.

Kayak Tours

Adventure in harmony with nature.

Our kayak tours are very quiet and safe.

They are the perfect opportunity to spend an extremely pleasant and fun morning, or afternoon, with friends and family in contact with nature, also accompanied by an experienced guide.

Cycling Eco-track Descent

The River Minho Eco-track runs through the municipalities of Monção, Valença and Vila Nova de Cerveira, a total of linear 36 km along the portuguese margin of Rio Minho.

This eco-track was considered the third best eco-track in Europe.

Jeep Tours

Between valleys and mountains, through little busy trails and of difficult access, you can observe a variety of incredible landscapes, as well as a rich fauna and flora.

From crossing a river, seeing breathtaking lagoons and observing beautiful waterfalls, to stop at the mountain top and contemplate a whole palette of a thousand colors of our beloved Minho, this is the ideal tour for nature lovers.