COVID-19 (en)

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Within the context of the actual COVID-19 pandemic, Quinta do Caminho was forced to reinvent itself and to look solutions for problems that never been felt before and at a record speed.


With the purpose of safeguarding our clientes and collaborators, of having a more responsible and sustainable attitude with the environment and the intricated economical and social tissues, there is ongoing a set of measures and changes to the functioning of our space. Every decision taken in this direction have an evolutionary character, based in the principle of constant improvement in a way to better serve their purposes.


Beyond the measures of giving formation to collaborators, information to clients, of making available the physical means and the safety and hygiene measures which can be consulted here (good practices for any establishment), Quinta do Caminho chose to change certain practices:

– Breakfast Buffet (COVID-19 adapted) – The regular Buffet (where each guest would choose and collect it by himself) has given its place to an adapted Buffet service to the current era we are living (each guest chooses and one employee serves), where each guest is entitled to a set of tasty food in our breakfast division, with all its due social distance and hygiene and safety measures applied.

– Chestnut Tree Bar– The shadow of the secular chestnut will continue to bless our afternoons with a Cart of snacks, milkshakes, cocktails, etc. There are news which will certainly be the best company for any summer afternoon.

Restaurante do Caminho – We take the opportunity to announce our partnership with the Restaurant Fonte d’Ouro (neighbours and coleagues in the guide Boa Cama Boa Mesa) which will bring the aromas and flavours to our table. Thinking about the walkers, we shall have on a daily basis a solution from our own kitchen of Quinta do Caminho for everyone that check-in and stay overnight.

– The Vegetable Garden – For a greater sustainability of the space we have plowed a portion of land in reverence to the food freshness and to the eternal cycle of life.


Here we make available the relevant official documentation (in portuguese):

Ficha de Procedimentos de Segurança Covid;
Recomendações para Hotelaria, Restauração e Similares;
Norma da DGS de 10 de Março de 2020 para Hóteis;
Norma da DGS de 21 de Março de 2020 para Estabelecimentos de atendimento ao público e população em geral;
Norma da DGS de 08 de Maio de 2020 para Abertura de Restaurantes.

You can find more information here (translated in english): COVID-19 official website of the Portuguese Health Ministry.