Schedule: 8.00 am – 10.30 am.


This meal include per person:

  • 1 Glass of orange juice;
  • 1 Coffee OR Milk OR Coffee w/ milk;
  • 2 Slices of Bread w/ butter and jams;
  • 1 Piece of fruit;
  • Complement of the Day.


Arrange your breakfast with us:
– Give us an estimated time at which you would like to have the breakfast (between 8.00 and 10.30 am);
– Inform us if you wish to have it on your room terrace (service unavailable for Comfort rooms and Mixed Dormitory);
– Choose one of the optional coffees;
– In case you wish to include more complements, each extra complement will cost 2€.


Don’t forget about our Rules of Conduct within our space:
– Wait for a collaborator to indicate your table;
– Inform the collaborator of your room number when you make a request;
– Ask for the check to a collaborator and pay from your seat always giving privilege to contactless means of payment.