*Exclusive to guests.
**Subject to previous reservation at the Reception (until 6:00 pm of the same day).


A stage of aromas and flavors

It is a pleasure to announce our parternship with the restaurant Fonte d’Ouro (our neighbours and colleagues on the Boa Cama Boa Mesa guide) which will bring new aromas and flavors to our dining room.

Thinking about the walkers, we shall have a solution on a daily basis, cooked by the Quinta‘s kitchen for all of those that stay overnight.

In a recent past this cozy room was a small cellar and a garage for agricultural implements, a past that is present in the objects that integrate the space and that still tell us these stories.

Thus, it gave way to the dining room.


Don’t forget about our Rules of Conduct within our space:
– Wait for a collaborator to indicate your table;
– Inform the collaborator of your room number when you make a request;
– Ask for the check to a collaborator and pay from your seat always giving privilege to contactless means of payment.